About Us

Wildroot coven is an eclectic, intuitive witchcraft, women's coven. We are non-hierarchical and loosely base our practice on Neo-pagan traditions

Our Ways

  • We believe the Gods are real and present in our lives. They are not “constructs” or metaphors

  • We believe every person has the right to choose their Gods, identity, and lifestyle as long as it does not harm others or interfere with others right to choose

  • We believe in celebrating the wheel of the year as well as the mile stones of each other’s lives together as woman and coven members

  • We believe we are each responsible for our own learning and growth

  • We believe in freely sharing knowledge and magic with those who are open to receive the knowledge

  • We believe in being kind, empathetic and clear with each other

Our Goals As a Coven

  • To support each other in learning and growing in the craft

  • To celebrate the sabbats together

  • To do magic that supports our members together

  • To honor the Earth and our Gods together

  • To mark the milestones of our lives together

  • Host meaningful rituals for each other

  • To empower and lift each other up as women